A Voice for Transit and Scooty partner to help make your commute smoother

Austin Devaraj – September 28, 2020

Scooty Mobility Inc. team riding in Brampton on September 6, 2020

You download the ‘Ride Scooty’ app, locate the nearest Scooty and make sure to wear a helmet. That’s it. You’re set to ride! 

A Voice for Transit is delighted to announce a partnership with Scooty, an e-Scooter service aiming to help the first mile, last mile problem in commutes. Public transport is essential to newcomers who cannot afford a personal vehicle. The brainchild of immigrants in Ontario who relied on public transit when they first moved here, Scooty is looking to connect riders to transit networks within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) through its affordable platform. As a result, commuters will have better access to transit. 

At A Voice For Transit, we believe in transit equity and we want to help figure out how transit accessibility can become a reality across various communities. Hence, we identified key issues facing transit riders in the GTA through the Inequitable Transit in Toronto” report. 

“Toronto suffers from vertical transit inequity in its transit systems’ decision-making and governance structures.” Network coverage has long been an issue revealed in our report and Scooty is part of the answer to connect riders in the GTA. 

“We at SCOOTY believe that through the collaboration of public support and strong community engagement, we can secure a future in which micro mobility enhances our lives and connects us together like never before.” Shoaib Ahmed, Founder & CEO, Scooty Mobility Inc. 

A rider can easily board the nearest e-Scooter to connect to a transit network at an affordable rate without contributing to the congestion caused by parking. In other words, it’s cheap and it works. The e-Scooters are a viable alternative or complementary to cars and public transit. We concluded in our report that a transit system’s ability to enable social mobility is an indication of a society’s health. Scooty genuinely believes in the good of public transit, that is why we’ve decided to partner with them. 

“Many transit riders face the first kilometre, last kilometre challenge in their commutes. Micro mobility solutions like e-scooters when ridden safely can help make commutes a little easier on riders while giving them more time in their day. Countless jurisdictions globally have adopted e-scooters. It is high time we do the same in Toronto and other GTA municipalities.” Jean-François Obregón, A Voice for Transit 

Follow Scooty on Instagram (@ridescooty) and Twitter (@ridescooty) to get updates on upcoming launches!

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