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The TTC Isn’t Invited to Ontario’s Fare Integration Party

Would integrating the TTC just be too expensive? By: Sherwin Sze-Wai Lau Edited by: Jean-François Obregón May 2, 2022 On March 14th of 2022, GO Transit announced fare integration for many local regional transits transferring to and from GO service vehicles. This would apply to Durham Region Transit, Milton Transit, Grand River Transit, Guelph Transit, […]

Letter to Metrolinx Board Meeting on December 2, 2021

Remember when you would ride the TTC after taking the GO and you’d get a $1.50 discount? Well, the A Voice for Transit team submitted a letter to Metrolinx’s last board meeting of 2021 asking for the TTC/GO Transit co-fare to be brought back. It was cancelled in 2018. We would like to receive a […]

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