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“Dad’s Radio” by cogdogblog is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Budget Ontario 2020 : manque d’investissement en logement selon Geordie Dent,” (Ontario Budget 2020: lack of investment in housing according to Geordie Dent), Radio-Canada, November 6, 2020. Jean-François commented on the Ontario provincial budget. He stated that we would have liked to see more funding dedicated to immediate priorities and that we prefer a light rail train option in Scarborough.

“Réactions au budget du gouvernement Ford”, (Reactions to the Ford government’s budget), Y a pas deux matins pareils, Radio-Canada, November 6, 2020. This includes audio portions of Jean-François’s comments about the need for funding immediate transit priorities, e.g. fare integration, co-fare, and expressed a preference for light rail transit in Scarborough instead of a subway.

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