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Written deputation on 2021 City of Toronto Budget

Dear City of Toronto Council and Staff,

We are A Voice for Transit, focused on advocating for improved transit access for those who do not have transportation alternatives who are often suburban residents. We have the following comments regarding the TTC’s 2021 Operating Budget:

  • Transparency about sourcing of personal protective equipment (PPE). It currently represents 6.96% of passenger revenues. We are concerned that the cost would increase disproportionately as ridership returns in 2021. Where is the breakdown of what PPE costs?
  • A request to renegotiate with Metrolinx to have $16 million covered for additional bus service on Finch Avenue and Eglinton Avenue while LRT construction is ongoing.
  • An explanation of what the $1.1 million Anti-Racism Budget will be dedicated for. We would also like to know why the size is small in the context of race issues being top-of-mind. Many members leading our group are people of colour (POC) and we would really like to know what these funds are meant for.
  • A request to negotiate Phase 2 of the Safe Reopening Agreement to help close the TTC’s operating funding gap past March 31, 2021.

Thank you for accepting our comments. We look forward to your responses.


Austin Devaraj, Faizan Ahmed and Jean-François Obregón

A Voice for Transit

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